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Endangered Parrots

Since I was young I was fascinated by the size and color of Parrots. I always respected these beautiful creatures to live in the wild so while I did have pets at home, I knew that a parrot kept in a small cage in a flat was simply not an option. I came across some who did keep these beautiful animals in apartments or even in larger cafes and shops, most of the time stuck to one place by a chain – and those parotts I came across here all showed signs of not being kept in their natural habitat, at times even worse – often these birds are mutated by cutting of their flight feather. Every time I see this it breaks my heart.

Luckily, I know there are good places in for example Zoos with large outdoor cages, the same goes for those amazing individuals that dedicate their lives to helping those species endangered by breeding them in especially developed spaces. I personally never had the space to do so, but am wholeheartedly supporting these efforts. Whether it’s through donations to the World Parrot Trust or by subscribing to magazines or buying merchandise that supports these efforts. And by the way part of my own income from Animals of the World Art regardless of prime motive – if it is an animal, a bird or a dinosaur -is being passed on to Charity. I support the forementioned World Parrot Trust, as well as the WWF, my local zoos in town, some local bird associations and a Sloth Conservation project.

Whenever I see parrots in the wild my heart opens. Now we see parrots in cities like Barcelona, or even further North in Germany. I am glad some can adjust, but it does not mean the future is bright. Most of these beautiful species, regardless if it is in the Amazonas or in Australia, parrots are one of the most endangered species on our planet.

I once had the pleasure to visit Puerto Rico and during a beautiful visit to the local El Yunque rainforest, the story of the Puerto Rican Amazon which is critically endangered never left me.

I hope that some of my art reminds people of these beautiful creatures and brings to awareness that soon we, let alone our children, cannot enjoy Parrots in the wild anymore unless we seriously start changing.