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The Snow Leopard

At elementary school when I was about 8, 9 or maybe 10 years old, a small group of us were allowed to create art on one of the walls in the school’s building. Kind of a wall mural. I was super excited and had the privilege of creating the hero in the image: a beautiful Snow Leopard.

My passion for cats of all sizes started early, I was given a baby cat, a beautiful Russian Blue kitten on my 6th birthday. The beautiful and highly intelligent being actually lived with us for 21 (!) years. I will always love and treasure him. I had cats ever since.

When I decided to start a new Instagram account celebrating digital art featuring “Animals of the World”, I somehow naturally selected the Snow Leopard as my first hero. All art created for my various Instagram accounts celebrating animals, birds and dinosaurs is digital art, meaning the heros of each image are a digital art re-creation or representation – not a photo. As an artist I will take liberty at placing my heroes at times in places, landscapes and company that might not represent their natural habitat. I hope you forgive my creative indiscretion for this.

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